"We are such stuff as dreams are made on"

Optimistic October

We had our first UCC Action for Happiness Happy Cafe last Wednesday. We were going to have it in the Still Cafe – but the sun came out, so we went out to the picnic tables behind the Enterprise Centre.

For Optimistic October our prompt was; what kind of life would you live if you had no limitations?

That is a hard question, so instead we chatted about what would one part of it be. Alarm clocks featured, or rather they would be banned. An ideal life would be getting up when we were ready to wake, rather than because we had to for work.

From there we moved on to discussing the idea of a Basic Universal Income, and would we still work.

We would.

But maybe not as much. And we would make better use of our leisure hours, doing things we really enjoyed; rather than de-stressing from, and getting in shape for work.

Afterwards I began to think about what if I worked less, what would I do with the extra time. Of course, I would find other work to do, that is find another way of making a contribution.

I just don’t know what that could be.

I had got my first job through volunteering. I found I liked the work, and that lead to a career.

So, why drop a winning formula. I need to volunteer again, and see what doors that opens.

Credit to @GeorgieBrowne  for the picture – cheers!

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