August 06

Masters Updates

The latest updates

5th March 2020: The second round of applications closed on 2nd March. This year applications in the two early rounds has been brisker than previous years, and potentially we may have filled over half our places.

This is actually hardly a surprise, as word has obviously got out about the positive experience students have on the course. Search LinkedIn for previous graduates, and check this out for yourself.

7th May 2020: The third round closed on May 1st.  The rate of applications has continued a pace, and the competition for places will be much tighter this year.  We are interviewing (by zoom) at the moment. Once we send offers out, we will have to see where we area once acceptances come back.

July 1st 2020: The fourth and final round closes.  I expect this round to be very competitive for the available places,  and it is likely we will form a waiting list from this round.

After the interview we ask suitable candidates to have at least two coaching sessions, so that they have experience of the coaching process coming onto the masters. This also helps them to come to a decision about the masters. If you are applying for the final round, you might like to start this step.  Make contact and we can give you guidance about this.

Given the increased interest this year, I cannot envision us taking late applications beyond the final round, although a firm decision will not be made until then.


You can find last year’s time table in the course handbook.

We do not know what impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on next year’s timetable. Currently, we are working on online. We do not know when this will end.  We envision being online for the first semester.

You can find the timetable for the next academic year here when it becomes available. Traditionally this is late summer.

Term Start

Traditionally, the Thursday before the first day of term is a general orientation day for all new postgraduate students in the School of. Applied Psychology. We expect that this will go ahead this year.

On the Tuesday and Wednesday before that we run a Lego Serious Play and Positive Psychology workshop for incoming students.  It is good fun, and a great way of getting to know each other.  As we generally have twenty in the class, this would be two workshops of about ten each.

So, once the start of term is announced – keep in mind that we have some plans for you for the week before.

Latest Update: 12th May, 2020

“We are working towards a Semester 1 start date of September 28th 2020, and we expect a decision to be finalised and announced on this soon. On the assumption that social distance measures will continue to apply, it is likely that a blended approach to teaching will be necessary. An excellent student experience for our incoming students is a priority for us. Please be assured that at all times we will adhere to public health guidelines and the health and welfare of our students and staff will be central to our decision making.  Although these are unprecedented times, we remain confident in our ability to deliver a high quality learning experience in the semester ahead. Keep a close eye to our FAQ’s as these will be regularly updated as the situation evolves.”

Post Graduate Admissions Office


And some UCC history

Here are the application dates for the course: