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July 02

Masters Updates

When you want to know what the latest updates are

April 02

When you want more information about the course

Look at the Positive and Coaching Handbook and well as the dissertation handbook – the dissertation accounts for a third of the modules of the masters. You can find the current timetable in the handbook, just remember it can (and most likely will) change from year to year. Here is the course description  Check your […]

March 18

Staying Home St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day Legend has it that St Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland. Today we are in a fight to drive the coronavirus from our shores. Our first job is to settle ourselves, and we need to be compassionate towards ourselves and give ourselves the time we need to do that. Only after that […]

July 28

Summer Reading

When you want to read something over the summer

March 31

Thinking of Applying to the Masters

Not everyone needs a coach, but everybody will benefit from working with one. And the world needs great coaches. By becoming a coach and fuelling success, you are contributing in a real way to world becoming a better place for all of us. You are likely a trail blazer, rather than a path follower.  This is […]

December 04

Coming to the Interview

When you are coming for an interview.

August 02

Sarah Dunant breaths music into Sacred Hearts

When I heard a novel that had been put music?